#664 A treasure from the ocean

Hello! I’m here tonight to show you a brand new look, hope you like it.

A treasure from the ocean

Hair: MissC – Leah Black, I’d like to thank DjAngel Fallen for this goodie, I Like the high effect of the hair and the long straight pony tail behind, it’s perfect and the way I would carry my hair in rl. You can make it a reality in SL too, getting this hair style in the 6 color pack at Stuff in Stock.
Skin: essences – Wednesday 01 Sunset + Lipstick 05 matte (for light tones), BIG DRUMS!! I fell in love with this skin until it has became my favorite of this season!! I had a hard time picking which tone I wanted, in fact I still think I will come back and purchase the second tone I wanted, but for now this is way too perfect!!. I bought the lipsticks (that I realized later the two packs are for light or dark tones but I got them both haha), also got the moles and freckles adds, the texture of the brows is perfect and the body details too, I like the hip bones part also. Check her for yourself!

A treasure from the ocean2

Necklace: Modern Elegance – Necklace #2, I was hunting the marketplace for FREEBIES and found this mesh goodie, it looks way too nice, and also something I would use in rl.
Shirt: [Crash Republic] – Luna pastel blue pink, new mesh goodie available at Stuff in Stock in several color faded combinations, big thanks to Isabelle Requiem.
Pants: GATO – RawFade jeans, I told you faded colors are a must this season and these particular jeans have this pinkish animal print desing at the end. Big thanks to Lalu Bonetto and please find this cutie at Stuff in Stock.
Flats: Monso – Pink sheep flats, RARE gatcha item, still available at mainstore, good luck.
Pose: Focus Poses – Urban Fence set.

Writing this while listening to GLEE songs smiley face lol. See you guys!

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