#653 My way, I don’t know any other

Hello!!! Between crashing and not being able to see mesh I have managed to create a look, which I hope you like:

My way, I know no other

Hair: Analog Dog – Mint, I had seen this hair so many times on flickr and I always wondered where this cute short wavy hair was from? Until I found it and I love it! I tried demo first because it’s mesh hair so I had to relog to see it finally, I don’t know why my viewer messes up with mesh lol.
Gloves: Indyra Originals – Black Lace Gloves, FREE, just locate the circled box at the entrance and buy it for 0L.

The following goodies can be found at Collabor 88, but be aware of the lag it’s furious lol!

Headpiece: Glam Affair – Hanami headpiece in natural. This flower for the hair is so freaking cute! And it comes in 6 colors!

My way 2

Dress: R2 – Metallic Dress, mesh goodie and it’s only 88L!! There are matching boots available as well. The back part of the dress is delicate and lovely! And I realy like the color combination made in the dress.
Shoes: (fd) – Pretty Lady shoes in black, they make me want to dance tap for no reason haha.

Time to go to bed! Nini!

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