#461 Patterns

Coming soon

Hello people! Let’s all welcome weekendddddddddddddd I waited for these two days to come!! LOL!

Let’s start this post with the FREE stuff, yesterday started the Fresh Unknown Hunt, this is a special hunt since there is plagued by brand new stores only, that was the requirement. I have to say I am quite happy about my findings, like this Birds and trees retro couch from A Little Bird Told me store, and guess wut? Nash Pevensey and Maisie Teardrop the clever and talented designers have already put a frame and some candles inside the gift. All for FREE!!! Look for the little flowers!!

I called this post the way I did becuz all was about patterns like on my Willow dress called The Picard dress Tessellations, I got it at EPOCH event (Art of Escher part), I fell in love with it as soon as I laid my eyes on lol!

And just to finish this post with another awesome finding, don’t forget to visit and shop at the Whore Couture Fair, there you will find not only clothe but skins like this from Al Vulo called Alena Bad Girl night makeup, absolutely stunning, big thanks and congrats to Hlin Bluebird for such awesome face.

I’m using Glitterati poses, Exile hair and .ID. eyes.

See you later darlings!

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