#967 Sweet bubble

Hello there! It’s been a while but don’t think I haven’t been on SL I have been every single day but been shopping, playing greedy, dancing and more. Oh and I’ve been playing a considerable amount of gacha machines LOL!

Sweet Bubble: Goodies

♥ Hair: +Spellbound+ – Velvet Unnatural Ombres & Dips RARE, there is a new spooktacular gacha event going onthe grid, it’s called TAG! Gacha, a gacha experience around 50 Sims, the particular and great idea around TAG! Gacha is that there are not only Rare ítems but you can get mistery tickets that will give u exclusive goodies that will never ever be available again, but the only way to get to this great mistery room to redeem your ticket is first: geting a hud at Gachatopia, then following few steps to get a stamp card and finally visiting the 50 sims to check ur stampcard. Of course you will have to get the mistery coupon by playing the gacha machine you want. I hope I made sense but all the helpful info is here at the Official TAG! Gacha Blog. What can I say about the hair? I adore the super sized color changeable bow and also the cute short hair style.
♥ Skin: Glam Affair – Sia 4 Jamaica, available at Collabor88.
♥ Sweater: Pixicat – Sweet Sweater Sweat Pack, duo pack available at Kustom9 which is holding an anniversary round! Congrats to Kustom9!. Some designers have put 9L gifties at their booths too.
♥ Shorts: Fishy Straberry – Lace Short Shocking Pink, another smexy goodie at Kustom9, love laceeeee
♥ Tights: SU! – Lady Rebel Nylon Tights.
♥ Heels: fri.day – Venus Heels Purple.

♥ Ghost: Alchemy Birdy – Treat Pals Bunny, gacha fluffy goodie for TAG! Gacha.
♥ Camera: Attic – Elfman Vintage Camera Mint, Gacha prize at Kustom9!.

I also wanted you to see my lil spot for this post:

sweet bubble: My goodies

♥ Desk: Ionic – Alma 5 , gacha for october round at The Chapter Four.
♥ Typewriter: Floorplan – Typewriter in Audrey.
♥ Jar: [keke] – Curiosity Bell Jar Butterfly RARE, new gacha goodie for TAG! Gacha, another thing I adore in life are butterflies.

Cotton Candy kisses!.

#966 Still breathing

Hello there! Hope your weekend is going well guys, mine has been full of shopping and family so until now it’s been great.

Still breathing: Goodies

♥ Hair: Truth – Rogue messy version with mask.
♥ Skin: Glam Affair – Sia Jamaica 04, new at Collabor88.
♥ Shirt: offbeat – think simple gacha tee 04, available at The Chapter Four.
♥ Pants: ! R3VOLT ! – Rebel pants V3, new at The Mens Dept, I really like the oh so many options they always put into their goodies, these pants can be worn without the side pockets and the hip pouche and every part of the pants and the add ons can change color. There’s also a male version so go go go!.
♥ Boots: Tee*fy – Chelsea boots in pasion.


#965 Under control?

Hello there! Just found out about this awesome DOLLARBIE that couldn’t wait much longer to show it to you.

Under control: Dollarbie + Goodies

♥ Hair: Truth – Vixen, new at ~uber~. Wavy black hair will always be one of my fav.
♥ Skin: Glam Affair – Sia Jamaica 04, new at Collabor88, it was about time!! I needed more Sia faces and makeups because is sooo gorgeous!. Each skin can be found in 4 tones and 8 makeups, 288L each.
♥ Tattoo: Sourires – Sophia Tattoo.
♥ Lingerie: FemmeFatale – MVD Limited Edition, 1L Lingerie set it comes with appliers for Slink, Phatazz, Lolas and Wow Meh. There are currently 149 copies to be sold so hurry up!!!. I copied the direct landmark however I think it will take you to the entrance of the store, you have to look for a door that says Sexcellency Collection and take the tp to the lingerie section to get the dollarbie. If not, you can always IM me inworld.
♥ Pose: Del May - How about it?. I always feel inspired by Del May poses, soooo good!.


#964 Hawt mess

Hello there! Today I just feel like adding many things on my avi so here’s the result.

Hawt Mess

♥ Hair: +Spellbound+ - Nacho Bitch, I miss new releases from this store.
♥ Skin: Glam Affair – Sia Jamaica 1, hopefully tomorrow at Collabor88 I will be able to finally buy a collection of Sia’s lovely doll face in more makeups!.
♥ Necklace: Eskimo Fashion – Plastic Tatt chocker necklace pink, gacha goodie at The Showroom, for 75L the play.
♥ Jacket: u.f.o – liverful blouson jacket.
♥ Top: 1992 – Muscle crop top, this brand is holding a 50% off sale on summer ítems so hurry!
♥ Short: offbeat – think simple gacha pants, new gacha machine with tops and shorts at The Chapter Four.
♥ Tights: Suicidal Unborn – Lady Rebel Nylon Tights 10, at Young Spirit The Event.
♥ Boots: fri.day – Wendy Boots Midnight, coming soon to Collabor88!, these will be available for Belleza mesh feet too and it comes with a splash of blood to add a Little drama to your boots. Big thanks to Darling Monday!.

And now let’s party all!

#963 What’s done is done

Hello there! just felt like mix and matching this Halloween look:

What's done is done: Goodies

♥ Headband: GizzA – Headscarf Halloween, RARE Gacha goodie for the current round of The Chapter Four.
♥ Hair: Lelutka – Cristal in Jessica color.

What's done is done: Goods

♥ Skin: Glam Affair – Rose Jamaica 02 + Prezioso Eyemakeup 8 and 5.
♥ Dress: Tee*fy – Blair Puffy Dress Bloody, FREE at Holiday Appreciation Association Events Havenhollow Date Auction & Souvenir Shop. If you’re in the mood for a cool date there are plenty of boards with cool and fun people. There are also some gifts from H.A.A designers and also some goodies. This dress comes in many other colors and I adore the puffyness lol.
♥ Shoes: fri.day – Lily Platforms in Cherry, gacha goodie at The Gathering, you know what is the coolest thing? That Darling Monday has done these shoes for Slink and Belleza mesh feet.

What's done is done (extra)

Boo boo kisses.

#962 Late meal

Hello!! It seems that lately I have the mood to blog and put titles related to night or lateness lol, I have to admit I’m a night person so that might be it.

Late meal: Goods

Anyway let’s check the new goodies since today I managed to do some shopping *insert heavenly melody here*

♥ Hair: Little Bones – Nightingale, LOL I have just noticed it says Night, oke I really need to get some sleep I’m rambling. Going back to this amazing wavy comfy yummy hair I LOOOOOVVVEEE it and got it today at Fameshed, lately I’ve been wearing tons of Little Bones Hair and please please they have just put a new group gifts and there are other two available, so the 100L fee is well spent. Oh about this hair, it comes with hair pins that you can change into some colors, I also like the streak color options in every pack.
♥ Skin: Glam Affair – Sia Jamaica 1, still can’t change into another skin, too gorgeous and fresh and cute, too bad is already sold out.

Late meal: Goodies

♥ Necklace: (Yummy) – Guardian Charms.
♥ Shirt: MONSO – My off shoulder shirt, new release for ~uber~, which is holding a 50 Shades of Grey round, yeah let’s get all a lil sexy and get this right away, there are more color and texture options.
♥ Bra: KIM – Bodysuits black lingerie top.
♥ Panties: Blacklace – Seduce me black panties.

Late meal: Gacha Goodie

♥ Heels: fri.day – Lily Platforms Cherry, new gacha prize for The Gathering, good thing is that these awesomeee shoes don’t only work with Slink Hight Feet but with Belleza new mesh body. Big thanks to Darling Monday! and please check how cute and sexy they look.

Late meal: Gacha Goodie<3

Gonna grab some meal in real life so who wants ramen? LOL… k… maybe not haha.

#961 Long nights

Hello!! I can’t believe my blog has just turned 4 years WOW. I don’t blog as much as I would love todue to rl work but I still have fun shopping, mix and matching goodies and taking pictures. Thanks to those who come here to have a read about my sl findings.

Long nights: Goodies

♥ Hair: Little Bones - Feline , kinda new group gift, I am so thirlled she included the full pack version so I can play with all the juicy colors all day long. This hair kinda reminds me of the Kardashians for some reason and I really like it. The group fee is 100L which is a good investment if you like hairs since gifts are regular on this group.
♥ Skin: Glam Affair – Sia Jamaica 01, it was from the Flash Sale, I adore this gorgeous face, I am sad that I didn’t get on time to grab Jamaica 02 makeup but she is gorgeous in any makeup and I really hope they release more of Sia soon!.
♥ Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer - Kalistar Set, it was on sale, always make sure you visit this store regularly, since she puts few sets on sale regularly.
♥ Blouse: Rowne – Paul Structured Blouse.
♥ Skirt: Faenzo – Snake Print Leather Skirt, the texture drives me insane, it looks so good!!.

Long nights: Goods

♥ Heels: fri.day – Xela Plaforms in Wine, OMG I gotta say I won’t be taking these heels off for a while, I adore the bow detail and the colors and guess what!! They will be as gacha goodie at The Gathering, still few days to wait for the grand opening but the wait will worth, because these shoes not only match slink feet but Belleza Venus ones. Big thanks to Darling Monday!.

Guess this is me for now, take care and have fun you all!

#960 Peruvian girl

Hello!! I’m really happy for this post coming out to the public light since I’m proud to be peruvian and glad that designers choose to do peruvian related goodies. Yay!

Peruvian girl: Goodies

♥ Hat: ::C’est la vie !:: Mr. Wallen Hat.
♥ Hair: MINA – Lena, new release for My Attic!, the color pack is 95L only and it comes with material option.
♥ Skin: Glam Affair – Rose Jamaica 09.

Peruvian girl: My Goods

♥ Necklace: So Many Styles – Big native necklace blue.
♥ Coat: Faenzo – Tendance Charcoal, bought it on sale, everything at mainstore is 100L except two pieces which are the ones you see when u arrive, the rest including hairs, bags, shoes and more is 100L as part of the Clearance Sale.
♥ Dress: GATO – Sexy Peruvian dress, Lazy Sunday ítem, so grab it while you can at 75L.
♥ Pumps: erratic – Ira Platform Pumps, special edition for 21 Shoe Event, each 21st of each month a group of designers set two pairs of shoes at a special Price, in this case erratic always makes exclusive colors. These pumps work with slink medium feet.

Peruvian girl: Goods

♥ Background: W. Winx & Flair-Winxbox -Between the Lines -Runway, exclusive prop for My Attic. I’m not using the poses from the prop but they are good too. And you can change the color of the lines of the walls.

Have a great week!!

#959 The real thing

Hello there! Here’s my look of the day:

The Real Thing: Goodies

♥ Hair: Lelutka – Georgie, new release!, the cap has some color options and it’s a nice idea the love tag.
♥ Skin: Glam Affair – Rose Jamaica 02.
♥ Top: ! R3VOLT ! – Kanessa Top, new release, I totally adore the options, 15 textures for you to choose. You can use it for a sporty look or more party look. Big thanks to ! R3VOLT ! Team!.
♥ Skirt: LETHAL – Lydia Skirt, new exclusive release for Kustom9, you have 4 textures available at the event, I love the zipper detail and I don’t know why but this skirt makes me wanna party haha. You will also find matching sweaters from Lethal at the event. Big thanks to Piinky Chrome!.
♥ Heels: Pixicat – Geisha Shoes Blue. For Slink High Mesh Feet.

At the back you can see my new deco Project, hope it sees the light soon haha. Kisses!.

#958 Caffeine

Hello! Today was a day full of sales and shopping and goodies!!!

Caffeine: Sales & Goodies

♥ Hair: Lelutka – Frenkie, new release! I love the wavy style and the hat has nice colors that combine with any look.
♥ Skin: Glam Affair – Rose Desert Rose 02.
♥ Jacket: Rowne – Minou Leather Jacket Oxblood, good news! There is a super cool Flash Sale at Rowne, clothing is 100L and shoes are 200L so hurry!. Sale ends on Monday at 11am SLT.
♥ Skirt: OVH – Lola Skirt Emerald, one of my most favorite colors in real.

Caffeine: Goodies & Sales

♥ Bag and Shoes: .Enfant Terrible. – Orbit Bag and Fur Heels, gacha goodies available at The Arcade. Shoes work with Slink High Mesh Feet.

I finally took a picture on my 8f8 Coffee House, BUT it is NOT finished yet LOL.

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